AS/AP #1 in Apparel Scorecard Survey!

Posted on Aug 11, 2010 in Blog

AS/AP Apparel Software announces that Apparel Magazine’s Scoreboard Survey has voted AS/AP #1 out of 38 competitors in the categories of Top Software Vendor as well as Apparel Knowledge.  AS/AP also placed in the top 10 in the  remaining 17 rankings that made up the scorecard.  From Customer Service and Ease of Use, to unique and customizable technology, AS/AP has the best program available and now it’s been voted as the best!  AS/AP’s “state of the art” technology has been proven at hundreds of companies worldwide.  With it’s original programmer still on board, customization happens promptly and effortlessly.  If an apparel company requires reliability, experience, and flexibility with the knowledge of their industry and processes, then come see what AS/AP has to offer.

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