AS/AP™ was originally written in 1983 to run under dBase II in CP/M. Over the years, AS/AP™ has expanded in features, functions, and versatility based on client requirements. Year after year the power and flexibility of the xBase languages also expanded. The AS/AP™ program code was migrated to dBase III for more power and then to dB III Compiler for multiuser locking. QuickSilver® was the next step for windowing capability, and finally FoxBase+™ in 1990 in order to provide better speed and flexibility to our clients

The first FoxPro® DOS version of AS/AP™ was released in March, 1991. After beta testing FoxPro® for Windows® for Microsoft we released our first true Windows version of AS/AP™ (FoxPro® version 2.6a) in 1995. Today AS/AP™ is developed in Visual FoxPro 9.0® and Microsoft SQL Server. These two applications provide AS/AP™ and its customers with the most powerful and cost effective system on the market, helping grow your business and keep you ahead of the game.

AS/AP™ is written and supported by a team of Industrial Engineers and Accountants from the apparel industry who understand your needs and requirements and have incorporated the sum total of their knowledge into the AS/AP™ System, to help you gain control over your production and accounting needs.

In fact, AS/AP™ is the only apparel software company of its type where the original developer continues to program and supervise continues to supervise all programming and technical areas!

AS/AP™ is a fully integrated ERP system designed specifically for Apparel manufacturers and distributors. Our 400+ clients include many small (under $10 million) owner operated companies as well as large (over $350 million) more formally organized companies. All of our software modules are proprietary.

AS/AP™ continues to develop and improve on its already exceptional system on a daily basis, striving to provide current and future customers with the very best today’s technology has to offer. Look around the site, browse the literature and contact us for information on how we can help you improve every aspect of your business!