SnagIt Screen Capture & Sharing

Recommended for taking quick screen shots of files to send for support and training purposes. Free fully-functional 30-day trial, $39.95 for single-user license after that and affordable multi-user licensing available!

Advantage Laser Products
Contact: John Miller
800-722-2804, ext. 426, fax: 800-871-3305
1840 Marietta Blvd., Atlanta, GA 30318
Supplier of laser checks for payroll.
Sample Check 1 (Bottom Check)
Sample Check 2 (Middle Check)

Sample Check 3 (Top Check)

R.T. Barbee Co., Inc.
Contact: Ramsay Schrum
800-934-1838, fax: 704-375-5225
1025 S. Cedar St., Charlotte, NC 28208
Supplier of pressure-sensitive piecework tickets.
Sample Piecework Ticket

Piecework Scanner – 3875 Cordless Industrial Linear Image Scanner (HHP 3875)

Can be purchased from various sources, including HandHeld Products

Barcode Printer – Monarch 9800 (Paxar)
Can be purchased from various sources, including Paxar