“I would like to once again thank you for taking time out of your weekend to help.  It is rare to find a company with dedicated employees like yourself that are always willing to help with a customer problem.” - Helly Hansen Canada – Dan Clarke, VP Operations

“It is again my pleasure to express my complete satisfaction with the products and services of ASAP of Georgia, Inc. Our company has relied on their software products exclusively since we started in business many years ago and it continues to be the benchmark in this field. When their excellent customer service is added to their software performance it makes for a tremendous combination. I can’t think of any reason to look elsewhere for software or support.” – Seaside Swim, Inc. – Lawrence Walsh

“You won’t believe this but it is true. Everything is restored in AS/AP except for the pay voucher. Thanks again for the great support. I appreciate David and Steven stopping and helping. I know the timing was bad for them with the move taking place. I am trying to do the same with my customers and it is difficult when your mind is on other things. You are number “1″ in my book. I have now become a strong supporter of AS/AP.” (in reference to emergency support restoring after full hardware crash) – DayStar Apparel – Scott Hall, Owner

We have used the AS/AP software system for over 18 years. In addition to meeting all our needs in our manufacturing, importing, and distribution environment, we are extremely happy with the ease in using the software. Training new personnel on the software is a smooth transition. As well as all the administrative reports that it allows us to pull, which is an essential tool for us. I would like to thank everyone in ASAP for all your support. - Cotton Connection/Coastal Cotton – Richard Lazarus

“If you have seen the demonstration of the AS/AP software and for some reason you purchased a different one, you made a BIG mistake. In the early 1980′s I spent 6 years as the Comptroller for one of the largest Children Sleepwear manufacturer in the world, Dr. Denton. Denton Mills used to knit, cut, screen print and sew 20,000 dozen sleepwear sets a week in four plants, with 1200 employees and used software by Data Point. The people who produced this program did not have a clue to the need of the apparel industry. The software was a daily obstacle rather than a helpful tool to manage the business. I was introduced to David and Jane in the the summer of 1988 while consulting for a small company in Florida that was an 807 operation, cutting their fabric in the US and shipping the cut goods to Costa Rica to be assembled. I was very impressed by AS/AP’s design and the accurate accounting for work in process, inventory, account receivable and payable. What a difference from the days of Denton Mills. In late 1989 we opened a contracting sewing plant in Mississippi with 150 employees working with customers such as The William Carter co. and Russell Mills. Of course, AS/AP was installed in our facility and I am happy to report that today November 2004 we still run our business ( 15 Years Later ) with AS/AP software. We are no longer in the sewing business, but AS/AP was easily adopted for the changes we had to go after NAFTA was signed in 1995. From contracting sewing we changed to decorators with embroidery machines and screen print and digital printing equipment. If you wish to see this program implemented on a daily basis rather than just a demonstration at ASAP headquarters in Atlanta, you are very welcome to our facility.” - Team – Samuel Susser

Dear David and Jane: I want to take a few moments to tell you how much I appreciate the great benefit you’ve been to my company for over 2 decades. When it became obvious 22 years ago that using computers would be essential to running a successful business it was equally obvious that your software program and support would be the best choice. I have never regretted the decision to use ASAP and your bullet-proof software package. On the very rare occasions that we’ve needed to consult your tech support we have been treated more like partners than customers in quickly resolving any difficulty that arose. It is such a comfort to know I can always speak directly with the person who created the program if necessary and that my company will be billed fairly and honestly. Thanks again for all the great support over the years. – Seaside Swim, Inc. – Robert J. Brasington, President

Thank you for providing an excellent computer software package to move our business forward. It has been two years since we installed ASAP and we have been extremely pleased with how stable your feature rich software has been. We have increased our sales by being able to provide critical information that is requested by our customers and by being EDI enabled. Your level of technical support is superior. Whenever we have a special request or problem, it is rectified immediately. - Universal Overall Company – Jason Greenberg, Vice President

AS/AP has been a great part of our business for over 20 years. Still today I have not found a better Apparel program in the world. There service is only a call away with quick and thorough support. I recommend AS/AP to everyone I talk to. - Miami Sportswear Company – Jack Brasington, President

“The expertise of the AS/AP software and staff have helped propel our corporation into the 21st century. My only regret is that we waited as long as we did to start using their products” - DayStar Apparel – Jeremy Hall, VP Sales & Marketing

Our business requires a lot of customization. We selected the AS/AP™ order entry, general ledger and finished goods inventory modules as well as raw materials and other sales modules. We spent a lot of time talking to apparel software vendors, looking around. What we liked about ASAP was their ability to recognize issues specific to us. Regular apparel software won’t work for us. ASAP was able to modify their software to meet our needs. Plus, AS/AP™ was written in FoxPro, and we program in FoxPro. - Larry Sonnabend – Second Chance Body Armor, Systems Administrator

Wednesday, October 16th about 4:00 PM, we realized that we had a major computer problem. We had been changing style information and we realized that some of our styles were gone. We weren’t sure what else was missing or had been destroyed. I was able to restore our backup files and email them to Irwin Chevlin and the tech support team, who worked diligently to figure out what had happened, what had been lost and how we could reestablish our information. In the meantime, we discovered we had the latest version of the Klez virus, which may have caused the computer problem or perhaps only made it worse. We were able to remove the Klez virus, one machine at a time, and then we worked again with Irwin and his team to reload our information and by 1:00 PM on Thursday, October 17th we were up and running again. I would like to personally thank ASAP of Georgia for their quick response and assistance when we really needed their help. - Ramstar Mills, Inc. – Bobbi Feiertag, Vice President

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I’m very happy with the results of all of the modifications your people have done for Tyndale. Jay, Irwin, and Sheila’s help has been particularly appreciated. Your team has treated us honestly and given sound advice. Although we expect to run with the program as-is for a while, I’m sure that we will have plenty of future modification requests. I look forward to continuing to work with your team as Tyndale continues to grow. - Tyndale – Rob Whittenberger, President

You have earned my praise many times over. We truly love your software and technical support and we are willing to tell the world if it helps gain you more customers. You have provided us with a system we really utilize and makes our job infinitely more manageable. - Helly Hansen – Catherine Walker, Office Manager

We wanted to let you know how pleased I am with how ASAP has been handling our programming needs. We had a few problems with the new update, which I had expected, but ASAP has been very prompt in handling each and every problem. - Bula – Kathie Close, MIS Director

David and Jane Sagel are a pleasure to work with. Their backgrounds in Apparel enable us to speak the same language. ASAP is a pleasure to work with. The software package, AS/AP™, does everything we expected. If not, ASAP is quick to make the programming adjustments needed! - Turfer – John St. Martin, President

Ramstar Mills, Inc. a US T-shirt manufacturer and imprinter, has been using ASAP of Georgia’s software since the late 1980′s. We started with AS/AP™ in Miami and were able to continue with the program once we moved to Georgia in 1989. At that time, we manufactured sporting goods apparel: warm-up suits, T-shirts and shorts. When we moved to Georgia, we began specializing in T-shirts. As the business changed, the program has changed and worked with us. Knowing that David Sagel and his staff are from the apparel industry has been important to us as they know our needs and requirements. We don’t have to go into lengthy discussions as to what is required. The program has worked well, the support is excellent and the response time is within reason. All parts of the software package integrate flawlessly and we are able to put up orders, cut fabric and do piece rate payroll from the coupons, ship, invoice, do receivables and payables in a very user friendly environment. The program keeps track of inventory control and sales commission. We would highly recommend ASAP of GA’s software and the friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. - Ramstar Mills – Bobbi Feiertag, Vice President

I feel strongly that if I had to choose a package again, I still would choose ASAP to help my company with its software needs. - Jay Combs – J.M. Originals, Controller

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a reference on you folks at ASAP. I explained that because of the fact that I am not well versed in either software or hardware, that I found your programs to be right up my alley. He asked me if AS/AP is ‘user friendly’ but I told him they are much easier than that, they’re ‘Abel friendly’ and I also explained to him that the support is always there. It’s a pleasure to give a reference on you folks because you’ve made my life a lot easier here at work. - Eileen Fashions, Inc. – Abel J. Nicola, Jr., Credit Manager

We love ASAP. Now that we have entered customers, styles, and orders in ASAP, we don’t ever want to return to ACCPAC. - Angelheart Designs, Inc. – Jackie Dickinson, MIS Director