The AS/AP Literature is designed to give you a glimpse into the functionality and features offered throughout the AS/AP modules. There is much more than what can be contained in a few sheets of paper, but some of the key features are listed and larger items detailed.

Select the product literature that you wish to view below. You can download all of the literature or individual parts, specific to your needs. The literature is in Adobe PDF format. They may take a little bit of time to come up because they are so extensive so just be patient. The Guided Tour can be found here.

It will be necessary to have the Adobe Reader if you choose to download the literature with the Adobe symbol to the left. Click the image to the left to visit the Adobe site and download the latest version

Every attempt is made to keep the AS/AP™ literature pages up-to-date. However, items can and do change on a constant basis and therefore it is necessary to double-check this information with your AS/AP™ salesrep.

Sample Reports (1.9MB)
Piecework Reports (208KB)
Hardware Requirements (468KB)
Visual AS/AP Blue Sheet – Features List (304KB)
Visual AS/AP Checklist (308KB)
Literature Booklet (3.8MB)