AS/AP Overview

Visual AS/AP and AS/AP™ SQL are the latest versions of our integrated Accounting System installed at over 500 Distribution and Manufacturing companies with sales ranging from $5 million to over $350 million per year. Current AS/AP versions run under Visual FoxPro 8.0 (Windows95, Windows98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows XP), and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on networked microcomputers.

Although we make every effort to keep these catalog sheets current and accurate, it is not always possible. New features and options are added to AS/AP every week, existing features are expanded, and occasionally features are withdrawn. In reviewing these catalog sheets it is important to understand that not all features are available on all systems, and that some features must be custom written to clients specifications. For this reason, it is also important to discuss specific features your company will need with your consultant or dealer before purchasing this or any software product.

With AS/AP you have the important advantage that we can custom write or modify any programs or modules as might be necessary to assure the smooth operation and fit to your corporate needs. This way you can be at ease with the knowledge that you cannot outgrow our ability to modify and expand the system to your needs.

Our Apparel Accounting System addresses the unique concerns of most Apparel and Sewn Products Industries.

AS/AP is the result of collaboration between numerous accountants, programmers, Sewn Products Industrial Engineers, Apparel Executives, and many apparel and nonapparel businesses.

The system is designed for ease of use and flexibility. The system is menu driven and laid out with simplicity in mind. Significant error trapping routines provide the user with a way out of almost anywhere in the program. Coupled with the context sensitive Help System, Visual AS/AP has almost eliminated the need for printed manuals.

All current versions of AS/AP™ display pictures of the product during order entry, lookup functions, and inventory maintenance. The employee file allows the company to attach photographs of employees for both identification purposes as well as improving familiarity.

AS/AP was written with flexibility in mind because no two companies are exactly alike. The list of optional configurations already available within the program modules and adjustable at the time of delivery, offers over 1,000,000,000 combinations. These configuration flags determine your day-to-day operations such as default invoice terms, whether you wish to apply late charges and to whom, the appearance of various reports, style of invoice, and much more.

Since AS/AP data files are compatible with FoxPro, the user can employ most xBase report generators that are FoxPro compatible.


The Apparel/Sewn Products matrix of Style, Size, Dimension, and Color is reflected in every module of Apparel Sales Order Processing and Apparel Inventory Control.

Embroidered/Screen Printed Products

This program configuration consists of special modules that are integrated into the Apparel Sales Order Processing and Inventory Control. Once operational, this system provides special reports for Design Requirements, Custom Name Drops, etc. by garment body style, ship date, cancel date, order date or booking date. The system even maintains a Screen Frame library and Embroidery Machine Scheduling.

Refer to Screen Print & Embroidery section for more.

Retail Point-of-Sale [Cash Drawer]

AS/AP has a fully integrated Point-of-Sale system which permits the operator to Invoice cash sales, print Invoices, print a Sales Register, Print a Cash Receipts Register, and, for multi-store installation, will update the central system.

This system interfaces to our Apparel Accounting System with equal ease of operation.

The Point-of-Sale system even provides the ability to add customers to a central data base for mailing list purposes and invoice customers who have prearranged terms intermixed with cash customers.

The Point-of-Sale system can be installed to run scripted poling of retail locations on a nightly basis from the central warehouse. The data can then be used to record sales activity, create replenishment orders, track special orders, track intercompany transfers, and update inventories.

Refer to Point-of-Sale section for more.

EDI – Trading Partner Interfaces

Visual AS/AP can be interfaced to your EDI Trading Partner in order to provide the user with a smooth and easy to operate program.

Integrated in the proper manner, the EDI interface can make your relationship with your Trading Partner the dream that they always promised, rather than the nightmare that most programs turn out to be.

AS/AP™ also offers the option of integrating to industry standard translators or using our own internal capability.

Refer to EDI section for more.