Accounts Payable

The Payable module maintains Vendor and Payable files. Among its features are Payable aging, entry of manually written checks, automatic check writing with an editable cash requirements report before printing of the checks and an instant lookup (to printer or screen) of the aged status of your account with a particular vendor or the Account History.

Although the system comes installed with 26 industry standard terms, the user can add, edit and delete these terms to better fit their terms.

Invoices can be matched to receivers generated by the receipt of purchase orders in the inventory system and are posted with unlimited distributions (up to 9,999 per invoice) to ledger expense accounts, besides the Accounts Payable ledger account. The distribution can be verified through a screen query, which also shows items that are already paid and filed in the Payable Archive file.

The system works equally well with manually written checks or computer generated ones. AS/AP even has the ability to print the vendor’s check with his factor’s name and address where applicable.

The AS/AP Vendor master file includes the vendor’s fax number and, where applicable, the factor’s contact, phone and fax number.

When checking your Vendor account status of what is owed, the operator can view Open Items (the standard method) or use the Accounts Payable History file. This AP History file maintains a history of invoices, payments, and credits in a ledger card format.

Aging and Cash Requirements break points are user definable. This means that you don’t have to live with the typical 30, 60, 90 day aging. You set the break points to what you want.

Vendor Notepad is of unlimited length and can be searched randomly for key words.

Besides the other Payable features we are now developing an optional module which will generate 1099′s for independent contractors, interest, or dividends.

Vendor Scorecard

The AS/AP™ Vendor Scorecard provides users with the ability to rate and rank Vendors based on a number of criteria built into the system and gives company’s the ability to have custom criteria. Data can be extracted for rankings such as delivery and lead times and comparative pricing and the user-friendly number- and color-coding system allows for quick determinations on a vendors ability to meet your company’s needs. Some of the rankings currently taken into account are Quality, Pricing, Delivery Time & Accuracy, and JCR (Justifiable Customer Returns).

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Invoice Distributions
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Aged Accounts Payable by Date
  • Aged Accounts Payable by Company
  • Aged Accounts Payable with Disbursement
  • Cash Requirements by Company
  • Cash Requirements by Date
  • Cash Requirements Aging
  • Trial Check Selection
  • Check Printing [6 styles]
  • Checks can be Automatically Payable to Vendor’s Factor
  • Manual Checks
  • Check Printing with Disbursement on Stub
  • Check Register
  • List of Vendors by Vendor Code
  • List of Vendors by Vendor Name
  • Mailing Labels by Vendor
  • Vendor Account Status
  • Vendor Account History
  • Vendor Print 1099 for Independent Contractors