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Piecework Payroll

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The Piece Work Payroll System is a complete, full-featured system designed to operate with bar coded piece work tickets generated by the system or manually entered data. The Visual AS/AP Piece Work Payroll is also an ideal platform on which to develop custom solutions.

The AS/AP Piece Work system interfaces directly to the AS/AP Gross-to-Net Payroll as well as the entire AS/AP Apparel Accounting System. AS/AP™ also has the capability to format output to the ADP PC/Payroll & Personnel program.

The Piece Work Payroll System begins with a Rate Book that contains all the available piece rates. The Rate Book accepts Alphanumeric Operation Codes and can contain a virtually unlimited number of operations.

A Style Breakdown Sheet is developed from the Rate Book data, defining the operations required to assemble the specific style. Once these first two steps are complete, the issuing of a Production (Cutting) Ticket triggers the explosion for work in process and the printing of Piece Work Tickets (Coupons).

The Piece Work Payroll system is designed to track every operation of every style that is in process. Besides providing the payroll information, this type of system can lead to sophisticated Production Control and Scheduling.

An important feature of our Piece Work Ticket (Coupon) printing program, is the fact that we can print on specialized Piece Work Ticket material, Card Stock, or inexpensive 2 1/2″ by 15/16″ – 3 across pressure sensitive mailing labels. The stock labels are an inexpensive item available from most paper suppliers. The specialized Piece Work Tickets are available in assorted colors, are made of heavy weight stock, and have holes predrilled for tie strings.

The AS/AP Piece Work system is also designed around user-defined exception pay categories. Presently this system will permit 1,296 different exception pay categories, with as many as 36 Piece Work categories. Examples of exception pay categories are: Wait for Work, Samples, Machine Delay, and Transfer Time. These categories can be paid at Average, Minimum, or Base.

As an option, the Piece Work Payroll system can interface directly to Cut Order Processing and Finished Goods Inventory. This will enable the system to automatically relieve the cutting ticket and update the stock on hand as piece work production is recorded.

Make-up can be paid against any rate desired and calculated by time increment or by week. Overtime Premium is calculated as a user-defined percentage of a user identified base or paid at daily average earnings rate. These results can also be over-ridden by the company.

Garment/Product Breakdown

As part of our Piece Work Payroll system, a Product Breakdown (or Garment Breakdown) is created for each style in the Style File. This feature is integrated to the Rate Book, making it a quick, smooth operation to cost garment labor. Coupled to the Trim Sheet, you can develop a complete Cost Sheet for a specific sewn product with ease. This can also be referred to as a Bill of Labor.

Labor Breakdown

Systems that are not running Piece Work have what is referred to as a Labor Breakdown program, which provides access to the Rate Book and Garment/Product Breakdown.

Exceptional Flexibility

Visual AS/AP offers unmatched flexibility. Operations can be added, edited and updated with few, if any, restrictions. AS/AP offers the ability to correct and revise rates AT ANY TIME and differentiates between Temporary and Estimated Rate Status. Furthermore, these rate changes are instantly available to other workstations.

Payroll revisions, changes and corrections can be made at any time prior to the completion of the pay week. Operator’s pay can be corrected by rescanning any day (for an individual operator) prior to final acceptance of weekly payroll.

The multi-user design is so sophisticated that the engineer can modify the rates while operators are printing Piece Work tickets and scanning earnings.

Flexibility includes the fact that manually calculated piecework earnings can be entered as easily as scanning tickets.

Special provisions exist for Temporary and Estimated rates that the company might not want to print on the tickets, but will be calculated by the computer when the tickets are scanned.

AS/AP permits a rate to be Active in the Rate Book, but listed as Temporary for an individual Style Breakdown.

Piecework Payroll Reports

  • Daily Make-up Report (Early Warning of Trends)
  • Weekly Make-up Reports
  • Rate Book (Operations)
  • Available Cut Pool (Preproduction) Reports
  • Plant Work Load by Operation
  • Work-In-Process by Operation, by Style or by Cut
  • Bundle Sheet by Cut/Lot
  • Supervisory Bundle Check-off Sheet
  • Summary and Detailed Gross Pay Registers
  • Summary and Detailed Earnings by Operator
  • Coupon Register by Operator
  • Weekly Coupon Register
  • Efficiency by Operation, by Operator, by Style, or Cut/Lot
  • Exception Pay Analysis [up to 1296 user defined categories]
  • Four , Five, Six or Thirteen Week Moving Average
  • Current and Previous Quarterly Averages
  • Piece Work can be paid in up to 36 user defined categories
  • Weekly Operator Performance Analysis
  • Labor Cost Analysis by Style (Cost Sheet)

Additional Programs

Production Control and Scheduling

As an Option, AS/AP can provide a package of basic production control reports. More sophisticated reports can be developed on a custom basis.

Sophisticated scheduling systems can be developed around the data developed and maintained through the normal operation of the Visual AS/AP™ Piece Work Payroll module.

Custom systems can be developed for both scheduling and plant loading.

Modular (Group) Incentive

This is a component of the Piecework Payroll System. Modular Incentive allows the user to establish groups of employees and pay each employee in proportion to the employee’s attendance ratio of the Module’s performance.

Real Time Payroll

Real Time systems can be designed which provide complete automation by operation control of the sewing floor through data entry devices at each work station.

Gross To Net Payroll

The Payroll module allows employee hours to be accumulated on a daily basis, and each hour or group of hours during a week to be assigned to a different ledger account (department), as well as a different state or locality. Salaried employees’ earnings are automatically entered from the personnel file.

Calculations of Federal, multiple state and local withholdings are automatic. Additional withholding is allowed, as well as deductions for insurance, garnishments, loans to employees, and 4 other miscellaneous items. The computer can Print the payroll checks. Manually written checks can be posted as well.

The Federal and State Tax Tables are user maintainable.

W2 forms can be printed individually, for employees who leave the company during the year. All employee W2 forms can be batch printed at the end of the year, and the payroll files archived for future reference. AS/AP™ also supports electronic reporting for the IRS.

The number and type of pay and deduction fields is extensive. Pay can be tracked in 7 categories: regular, overtime, makeup (or bonus), holiday, vacation, sick, and other. There are thirteen (13) deduction fields which include: FICA, Medicare, Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Local Withholding, insurance, section 125, garnishment, loan/advance repayment (misc #1), and four (4) additional user defined miscellaneous fields.

Custom interfaces are available to electronic time keeping devices and Time and Attendance programs.

Gross-to-Net Payroll Reports and Features

  • Payroll Register
  • Employee List
  • Time Card Labels
  • Forms 940, 941, and W2′s
  • Employee Earnings for PTD or YTD
  • Electronic Transfer for IRS
  • Section 125 Available
  • 401K

ADP – Bridge

AS/AP™ offers an interface that will bridge the payroll files to the ADP – PC Software. This allows ADP, in turn, to login and retrieve your payroll for processing each week.

Time and Attendance

AS/AP™ can provide interfaces to Time and Attendance systems, as well as our own Time and Attendance program. Our Time and Attendance program can handle realtime monitoring of the clock system, or read the clocks once a day and create the hours worked file from that data. This system is fully integrated with the Piece Work Payroll System.