Sales Order Processing

The AS/AP Invoicing and Sales Order screens are the most advanced in the industry. Data entry, editing and invoicing are completely integrated to the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Inventory modules.

Sales Order Processing accepts sales orders, produces pick slips, invoices and credit memos, computes due dates, maintains back orders, records retail, cash sales (optional), and automatically updates the Accounts Receivables, General Ledger, sales history, commissions, and Inventory files during Sales Summary updates.

The ability to reprint invoices for up to 999 months after the entry date seems like such a small item until you find out that on some of our competitors’ systems you can only print invoices once and can never reprint them after updating.

The AS/AP Apparel Accounting System offers multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses (up to one million different addresses per customer).

For embroiderers and screen printers, compound pricing of screens and bodies is standard. Using this feature, a particular screen design can carry a different price, depending on the garment that the print is placed on.

In case this automated system does not suit your needs, the AS/AP system can maintain a different price for each style/design combination. AS/AP also includes the option of giving each customer a different price on every Style. The system will automatically default to the last price that the customer paid for the Style.

Orders, Invoices, and Order Conversion

Orders can be automatically converted “as is” to invoices or edited during conversion. Sales orders can be changed, increased, or decreased at any time before or during invoicing. Packing Slips/Picking Tickets and shipping labels can be printed as needed and in any quantity necessary.

The AS/AP Sales Order Processing module can handle multiple shipping companies, for companies that ship under several names, and multiple Ship-to addresses where you bill to one address and ship to several stores (up to one million different addresses for each customer).

In order to provide a system that permits rapid Order Entry and Invoicing, provisions are available to enter and edit customers and their shipping addresses while entering their first order. The operator can also enter new color codes during Invoicing and Order Entry.

Credit Approval

AS/AP™ includes a powerful Credit Approval system for Order Processing. This system permits you to enter Orders that are NOT Approved and track them until they are either Approved or Canceled. Even if an individual Order is Approved, if a subsequent Credit Hold is indicated on the customer’s file by your Accounting personnel, all Open Orders are immediately Unapproved.

With the Credit Approval system activated, the Open Order Summary Reports and Order Booking reports indicate the Approved or NOT Approved Status of each Order. The Order Booking Reports even subtotal Approved and Not Approved Orders to facilitate the use of these reports in determining the availability of stock.

Order Allocation

AS/AP™ includes a powerful order allocation system that will automatically allocate stock against open sales orders based on numerous rules defined by the user. The system allows multiple, simultaneous allocations against the same sales order, automatically back orders good which cannot be shipped, allows editing of allocated quantities before invoicing, and many other sophisticated functions and capabilities necessary for smooth operation on a day-to-day basis.

Automatic Confirmations

Smoothly integrated into the sales order system is the capability to confirm availability of stock against and WIP in order to confirm individual sales orders. This capability greatly reduces the load on the production-planning department by leaving only the sales order for which inadequate stock and WIP exists.

Order Configurator

AS/AP™ has a complete sales order configurator that allows the user to take orders for custom-made products. From the sales order line data AS/AP™ dynamically creates a bill-of-materials that is then passed to the cutting order system and becomes an integral part of the material requirements planning options. Visit the UMS – Uniform Management System page for more.

Scan Packing

This is the process of scanning a barcode attached to a product in order to record the exact style, size, and color being placed in a box (carton). The concept is that if the correct barcode has been attached to the product, and the only way products get in and out of inventory is scanning, the inventory, in turn must be accurate.  Of course, there is margin for error, but scanning greatly reduces the opportunities to make a mistake.

Whether or not Scan Packing results in increased cost, and whether it is faster or slower than your present packing method, depends entirely on the present procedures.

AS/AP™ offers numerous options to perform actual Scan Packing or to synthesize the results. These options relate to the order conversion, order allocation, and EDI ASN creation.

Apparel Sales Reports

The AS/AP Sales Order Processing Reports are numerous. A partial list includes:

  • Open Order Summaries (Style/Color) by: Customer, Order Number, Style, Salesman, Cancel Date, Start Date, or Booking Date
  • Open Order Registers by: Customer, Order Number, or Cancel Date Range
  • Open Order Registers for Start Ship Date Range or Booked Date Range
  • Open Order Register for Credit Approval and Credit Hold
  • 12 Month Order Tally by Salesperson or Style
  • 1 to 12 Month Order Tally by Style and Size
  • 1 to 12 Month Sales Tally by Style and Size
  • Monthly Sales by Customer, Style, or Salesperson
  • Cut and Sold by Style only
  • Cut and Sold in detail by Style/Color/Size
  • Available to Sell Report
  • Back Orders by Style
  • Back Orders by Customer
  • Back Orders by Salesman
  • Sales Analysis (profitability by Customer, Style, or Salesman)
  • Sales Summary by Salesman, Customer, and Inventory Class
  • Summary of Sales by Customer for past 12 Months
  • Daily Booking Reports by Style, Size, and Color based on Cancel Date, Start Ship Date, or Booking Date
  • Booking Reports can be Printed or Viewed on the Screen by Style, Size, and Color
  • Order Booking Reports by Color (for dye lot control)
  • All Order Booking Reports can be Sub-Totaled for Credit Approved and Not Approved
  • Order Booking Reports [above] can include Stock On Hand and Work-In-Process by Size and Color
  • Booking Reports can be exploded to show Material Requirements and Shipping Requirements Report
  • Print Picking Ticket/Packing Slip/Order Confirmation
  • Invoice Printing (72 different styles are possible)
  • 12 Invoice layouts available on blank NCR paper
  • Invoice Reprinting (Paid Invoices up to 999 days after invoice date, Unpaid Invoices are Kept Forever)
  • Invoice Registers can be Printed or Viewed on the Screen
  • Invoice Register (Detailed by Style/Size/Color or Summary by Invoice)
  • Sales Summaries can be Printed or Viewed on the Screen
  • Daily Sales Summary Report (with GL Distribution)
  • Print Shipping Label by Order Number or Invoice Number
  • Print UPS – COD tags by Invoice
  • Automatic UPS – Charge Calculation
  • Daily List of UPS Charges