Uniform Management

AS/AP Apparel Software understands that the needs of a uniform company are different from those of other apparel distributors and manufacturers and has created a more powerful system with this in mind. The Uniform & Career Management System (UMS) has a level of functionality that we believe uniform companies require and we developed this program to suit those specific needs. UMS encompasses every functional element of the core ERP system including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Finished Goods Inventory, Raw Materials Inventory, and Sales Order Processing and all of the sub-system these elements encompass. Clients then activate and use the modules the choose

AS/AP has been installed at a variety of companies including a direct sales division of a major rental company, career uniforms, general uniform sales, fire and police uniform sales, school uniforms, team active wear, dancewear and bicycle team uniforms. The features and functions of this system are a collection of programs written over a period of twenty years for many different clients. Here are just a few of the unique features that this system has to offer:

  • Customer Master File, including: Ship-To Files, Wearer (employee) Files & Contract Price Tables
  • Wearer File (Employee Profile Screen), including: Purchase Allowance, Purchase History, Allowance Rollover Provision’s
  • Contract Price Table: attached to the Customer Master and Ship-to files allows for fixed or variable prices to the style, color, size, dimension level
  • Embroidery/Screen Printing, including Thread Sequencing and Embroidery Machine Scheduling
  • Tracks & maintains purchase allowances through order entry, invoicing, and even returns
  • System allows company payments or individual phone payments and credit card authorization.
  • Offers complete summary or detailed recaps for corporate accounts.
  • Counter (direct) Invoicing
  • Order Configurator allowing users to easily take orders for custom-made or customized products
  • Optional web driven interface

Order Configurator

The AS/AP Order Configurator gives users a competitive edge by enabling the addition and removal of options to a style during order entry, creating a Dynamic Bill-of-Materials while eliminating the need for additional SKUs. The configurator allows the user to configure a style’s variable options through multiple pop-up, user-defined option lists. For example, the configurator can be used by customer service to dynamically change the style by selecting either 2 stripes, 3 stripes, or no stripes on either a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt or down the leg of a pair of shorts, as well as define the available colors for the stripes, choose lettering, positioning, etc., all of which is critical for custom team uniform requirements as well as police uniforms.


The AS/AP™ PrePack/Kitting program offers company’s the ability to define “kits” containing specific garments, styles, colors, sizes, and the quanities associated with each garment. When customers logon they can see the options and select the options that make up the assortment. For instance, a bank may allow workers to log into the AS/AP™ System and select the various items (jacket, shirts, pants, etc.) that make up the Kit. A cheerleading company might have a Kit that’s comprised of 3 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirts; when the coach places an order, they may place an order for 10 cheerleaders at the same time, the program will then prompt for 30 shorts and 30 t-shirts. Dance companies have a unique situation because they may sell a leotard that comes with a cowboy hat; when they sell the leotard they are automatically prompted for the cowboy hat options that will go along with it.

Contract Price Tables

The Contract Pricing feature is a table attached to the customer master and ship-to files. This convenient and easy-to-use table contains prices for individual customers and allows the user to even specify prices for individual ship-to locations within a specific customer. Contract prices can be based on style, style and color combinations, or down to the size and dimension level. The Contract Price table can handle specific or relative prices, which are prices based on a percentage of a base price.

Contract Prices are available to the user during order entry. If a Contract Price does not exist for a specific customer, style, or style/color the system will default to the original pricing scheme and price level. When looking up prices, the system can be configured to show all Contract Prices for a specific customer and ship-to location.

The Contract Price table allows for the creation of employee groups to segregate the uniform type. For instance you can create a price list for warehouse uniforms and another list for drivers.

Embroidery/Screen Printing

The AS/AP Embroidery & Screen Printing module is also part of the Uniform Management System. This allows for detailed tracking of Designs, Imprints (Name Drops) or Positions, and Screen Frames. Configurable in many different ways, the Embroidery/Screen Printing function allows the company to handle blank products as their original blank designation without creating specific styles for every style, color, and design combination. At the same time systems configured to include the design as part of the style designation can still produce printing orders where the blank product can be automatically deducted from inventory while the new blank plus the design SKU is visible as WIP.

The Embroidery Scheduling program will assist planning by suggesting the best rotation of orders within a delivery time frame in order to minimize thread changes.

An important advantage of this system is the fact that the garment bodies can be tracked separately from the designs. This enables the user to obtain accurate requirements for Garment Bodies and the ability to sell unprinted bodies when desired. At the same time we can print numerous reports showing designs, machinery requirements and delivery dates.

The Design files accept 10-character alpha numeric Design Codes along with 40 character descriptions. Imprints (Name Drops) or locations are identified by 5 character alphanumeric codes and 30 character descriptions. Each file can handle over 1 million individual codes.

Provisions are available for automatic compound pricing of designs and bodies. Using this feature, each design can carry up to 6 different price levels, one of which is then added to the body price to create a specific price for the style/design combination. AS/AP theoretically has the ability to create a unique price for each style/design combination and price level.

This Visual AS/AP Uniform/Career Management System and Embroidery/Screen Printing also offer users the ability to track Royalties that are paid on designs.