Gross-to-Net Payroll

The Payroll module allows employee hours to be accumulated on a daily basis, and each hour or group of hours during a week to be assigned to a different ledger account (department), as well as a different state or locality. Salaried employees’ earnings are automatically entered from the personnel file.

Calculations of Federal, multiple state and local withholdings are automatic. Additional withholding is allowed, as well as deductions for insurance, garnishments, loans to employees, and 4 other miscellaneous items. The computer can Print the payroll checks. Manually written checks can be posted as well.

The Federal and State Tax Tables are user maintainable.

W2 forms can be printed individually, for employees who leave the company during the year. All employee W2 forms can be batch printed at the end of the year, and the payroll files archived for future reference. AS/AP™ also supports electronic reporting for the IRS.

The number and type of pay and deduction fields is extensive. Pay can be tracked in 7 categories: regular, overtime, makeup (or bonus), holiday, vacation, sick, and other. There are thirteen (13) deduction fields which include: FICA, Medicare, Federal Withholding, State Withholding, Local Withholding, insurance, section 125, garnishment, loan/advance repayment (misc #1), and four (4) additional user defined miscellaneous fields.

Custom interfaces are available to electronic time keeping devices and Time and Attendance programs.

Gross-to-Net Payroll Reports and Features

  • Payroll Register
  • Employee List
  • Time Card Labels
  • Forms 940, 941, and W2′s
  • Employee Earnings for PTD or YTD
  • Electronic Transfer for IRS
  • Section 125 Available
  • 401K

ADP – Bridge

AS/AP offers an interface that will bridge the payroll files to the ADP – PC Software. This allows ADP, in turn, to login and retrieve your payroll for processing each week.

Time and Attendance

AS/AP can provide interfaces to Time and Attendance systems, as well as our own Time and Attendance program. Our Time and Attendance program can handle realtime monitoring of the clock system, or read the clocks once a day and create the hours worked file from that data. This system is fully integrated with the Piece Work Payroll System.