Lifecycle Management

AS/AP™ recognizes better than most, that the apparel and textile industry is one of the most competitive and time-sensitive and therefore has developed modules with that in mind. Reducing the speed to market and overall time from concept to consumer is assisted today with the right software, software that understands your industry. Customers expect products faster and therefore we feel the need to provide the tools to help ensure the information is needed when you need it.

Through CPD (Collaborative Product Development) and change management we move beyond the standard PDM solutions to include collaboration efforts via the Web through forms and interfaces dicated by client needs. AS/AP™’s flexibility means you don’t have to confirm to our system, we conform to your established policies and collaboration efforts. Utilizing Critical Path scenarios, Event Planners, Order Configurators, Dynamic BOMs and more we provide manufacturers and distributors with real-time product lifecycles that allow everyone from the CEO to the Plant Manager access to information in a streamlined format.

The AS/AP™ PLM System capabilities include:

  • Critical Path & Stage of Completion
  • Event Tracking & Management
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Product Data Management – Product Specifications, Raw Materials, User-defined fields
  • Order Configurator & Dynamic Bill-of-Materials (BOM)
  • Interface w/ Design Tools for Sketching, Simulators, Pattern/Marker Making
  • Communication & Notications via Email Alert System
  • Vendor Tracking & Management, including Cros Reference Files
  • Email Alert System & Web Collaboration
  • Preproduction Import Costing & Contract Pricing
  • Cost & Spec Sheets
  • Costing & Product Development Cost Estimating
  • Query Maker for Ad Hoc Reporting

AS/AP™ PLM is a fully customizable solution designed to meet the specific product lifecycle management needs of manufacturers and distributors today. We can help reduce costs, product development cycle, the time and cost of bringing new products to market, while at the same time improving on the quality of those products.