Cut Order Processing

The Cutting Order Processing module issues COs and interacts with the Inventory module to automatically receive incoming Finished Goods.

Reports are available that tie backorders and open orders (from order entry) to the incoming stock.

For companies requiring it, AS/AP™ handles an in-process stage of completion designed to track goods coming back from contractors into a finishing department, before being received into inventory.

Cut Order Planning

A subsystem of the Cut Order Processing, Cut Order Planning interfaces with the open sales orders to create a list of suggested cuttings based on the style and/or delivery information entered by the operator.

Cut Order Plans can be edited as required and will even produce a Material Requirements Report (Projection). Once a Plan is accepted, the Cut Order Planning system will mark the appropriate Sales Order Lines as cut, and will generate a formal Cutting Order.

Cut Order Scheduling

Another subsystem of the Cut Order Processing, Cut Order Scheduling interfaces with the open cutting orders as well as projected finished goods requirements and the trim sheet (Bill-of-Materials) to produce time phased material requirements reports.

Based on 12 user-defined time periods, the Cut Order Schedule sorts finished goods requirements into the appropriate period, explodes the raw material requirements for each period, and overlays the raw material purchase orders for the period in order to illustrate accurately time phased requirements.

Purchase Order Processing

There are two Purchase Order Processing programs available for the AS/AP™ Inventory system.

For clients who do not manufacture a finished product, Purchase Order Processing is used to track the purchasing of finished products. It is intended to replace the Cut Order Processing described above.

The second PO system interfaces with the Raw Material Inventory described below.

This system includes a very sophisticated auto reorder system, which creates a purchase order for items that are below their reorder point.

Cut/Purchase Order Reports

  • Cut and Sold in detail by Style/Color/Size
  • Available to Sell Report
  • Finished Stock On Hand
  • Garments In-Process
  • Stock Movement (Current Period & YTD)
  • Price Lists by Style/Color
  • Commission Level by Style/Color
  • Open Cutting Orders by C.O. Number
  • Open Cutting Orders by Style
  • Open Cutting Order by Contractor
  • Open Purchase Orders
  • Raw Material on Hand
  • Raw Material on Order
  • Raw Material Utilization
  • Raw Material Requirements
  • Minimum Raw Material Levels by Vendor
  • Brief and Detailed Production Grids
  • Production Order

Sub-Assembly Bills-of-Material

This unique program interfaces with our powerful Raw Material Inventory and controls the creation of sub-assembled components such as frames. For knitting purposes, the BOM system can track the number of pounds of yarn required to knit a pound of fabric.

Once the subassembly or fabric is defined in the Bill-of-Materials program the operator simply requests the quantity required. The system automatically withdraws the calculated quantity of the components from the raw material inventory at their current cost and adds the finished assemblies for use by the finished product inventory system.

The process prompts the operator if the cost differences are detected or raw materials are not available.

Roll-by-Roll/Case/Dye Lot Control

There are two optional Raw Material upgrades that permit the inventory to be layered.

The roll-by-roll inventory tracks fabric by the dye lot and individual roll number. This enhancement offers the ultimate in fabric control and accountability.

The Dye Lot control system is similar to the roll-by-roll tracking, but tracks the dye lot number and roll count. It is intended as the functional equivalent to the roll-by-roll inventory, for companies who are so inclined.

UPC Maintenance

Visual AS/AP™ has a specially designed group of programs for issuing, tracking, and maintaining UPC codes for each Style/Color/Size manufactured.

Production Order

The Production Order ties together various areas of the AS/AP System into a single report that can be used through the cut order screen. The options that are included on the report are user-defined. Click here to view a Sample AS/AP Production Order.