Garment Decoration

The AS/AP System has a complete Screen Printing/Embroidery Processing (SEP) system which encompasses all of the features of the Apparel Sales Order Processing and Apparel Inventory Control modules along with detailed tracking of Designs, Imprints (Name Drops), and Screen Frames.

The newly developed Embroidery Scheduling program will assist planning by suggesting the best rotation of orders within a delivery time frame in order to minimize thread changes.

The most important advantage of this system is the fact that the garment bodies are tracked separately from the designs. This enables the user to obtain accurate requirements for Garment Bodies and the ability to sell unprinted bodies when desired. At the same time we can print numerous reports showing designs, machinery requirements and delivery dates.

Designs are entered through the Apparel Order Entry procedure in the same manner that unprinted orders are entered. There is even an option to enter entire orders without designs.

Screen Printing/Embroidery File Specifications

The Design files accept 6-character alpha-numeric Design Codes along with 40-character descriptions. Imprints (Name Drops) are identified by 5-character alpha-numeric codes and 30-character descriptions. Each file can handle over one million individual codes.

Compound Pricing

Provisions are available for automatic compound pricing of designs annd bodies. Using this feature, each design can carry up to 6 different price levels, one of which is then added to the body price to create a specific price for the style/design combination. AS/AP™ theoretically has the ability to create a unique price for each style/design combination and price level.

Embroidery Scheduling

AS/AP™ can calculate and print schedules for multi-needle, multi-head embroidery equipment in order to minimize thread changes and maximize equipment utilization.

Screen Printer Reports

The following reports are available in addition to the Apparel Sales Order and Apparel Inventory Control Reports.

  • Screen Designs and Imprints indicated on Sales Summary Reports
  • Screen Designs and Imprints indicated on Order Booking Reports
  • Screen Designs and Imprints indicated on Invoices
  • Screen Designs and Imprints indicated on Picking Slips
  • Work Order for each Order Line Item
  • Production Order for each Design on an Order
  • Delivery Schedule by Screen Design
  • Delivery Schedule by Garment Body
  • Delivery Schedule by Custom Imprint (Name Drop)
  • Delivery Schedules by Start Ship or Cancel Date
  • List of Screen Frames by Screen Design
  • List of Screen Frames by Customer
  • List of Designs by Code
  • List of Designs by Description