Here you will find brief descriptions of some of the features and interfaces available to the AS/AP™ System. Some of the interfaces are well known applications and may be something you and your company is interested in. Please feel free to email us with any questions or go ahead and get started by filling out the Request for Info.

Crystal Reports® Interface

The Crystal Reports® interface allows you to deliver interactive content from virtually any data source, publish to the Web in a variety of formats, and integrate with applications. The AS/AP™ system has a Crystal Reports® interface available. This will call client designed full-graphic Crystal Reports® from within the AS/AP™ menu system. If your company is using Crystal Reports® or thinking of starting and want more information contact ASAP today.

Excel© Interface

The all-new Excel® mapping system allows clients to develop their own Cost, Style Setup, and Spec Sheets and interface directly with data in the AS/AP™ program. A button on the Style Master File for Cost Sheets triggers the system. Once this button is selected the system accesses the Excel® spreadsheet designed by you. Any changes made to the spreadsheet would be reflected in the Style Master File and vice versa. The AS/AP™ Apparel System contains a chart where you would specify the cell positions for Excel®, i.e. map the cells. This adds a new level of sophistication, a new level of customizationthat some clients find they need in the already feature-rich AS/AP™ Apparel System.

FRx Interface

The FRx System is a prevailing, user-friendly financial reporting application that is integrated with Vantage General Ledger. FRx creates inclusive financial and management reports, regardless of your changing and growing business needs. It gives access to the vital information, creating a faster way to make efficient business decisions. FRx also features an intuitive, spreadsheet style interface, as well as a graphical representation of your organization for a multidimensional and dynamic view of reporting structures. Also, FRx automatically understands the complexities of your accounting structures and primary databases. For more information on FRx visit their website at


Credit card authorizations through AS/AP™ are handled by icVerify. You can find out more about icVerify here or you can call them at 800-666-5777. The system is capable of processing all payment types and integrates into the AS/AP™ system flawlessly.

UPS Online Web Tools

ASAP has teamed up with UPS© to bring you the UPS Online Web Tools. The Online Tools are server-side programs that reside on the Internet servers at UPS©. There are currently six tools that UPS© offers to our clients:

  • UPS Tracking: Track your shipments right from our web site using your reference number.
  • UPS Rates & Service Selection: Compare, price, and select the UPS shipping service that best fits your needs and budget.
  • UPS Time in Transit: Compare the speed of different UPS delivery services.
  • UPS Address Validation: Reduce shipping and billing address errors by ensuring that customer-entered shipping addresses are correct at the time of order.
  • UPS Signature Tracking: Provides valuable Proof of Delivery information including a digitized signature and delivery status.
  • UPS Shipping: Self-service shipping around the clock. Designed especially for customers wanting a custom shipping application, this tool enables businesses to monitor their shipping activities and elevate customer service while lowering overall operational costs.

ASAP has made accurate and secure shipping a priority and the UPS Online Web Tools are customizable to fit your company’s specific needs. For more information on the UPS Online Web Tools visit their website:

UPS WorldShip©

AS/AP Apparel Software, Inc. has created a more convenient, faster, and hassle-free way to ship important packages. The current version of AS/AP™ exports vital shipping information to UPS WorldShip©, such as Order #, Company data, Shipping Address data, and more, creating a worry-free way to ship. It has never been easier or faster to track significant packages from AS/AP™ and calculate shipping charges. You can do it all from your AS/AP™ system. We can also extract data from WorldShip© back into AS/AP™ for fields such as number of boxes, total weight of shipment, freight charges, tracking number, and more. We strive for the highest level of convenience and flexibility. That is why ASAP always works on a Customer-by-Customer basis to fit your company’s individual specifications, making it easy and quick to add other fields as needed to this interface. More on UPS WorldShip can be found here:

Federal Express

AS/AP also integrates with FEDEX