New Developments

AS/AP Apparel Software has been steadily working to bring you all the latest in technology. We offer a broad capability of tested solutions. From E-mail Alerts to Excel© Interfaces, the AS/AP staff has been hard at work to keep our clients up to date. The following list contains some of our newest developments that we have to offer.

1 – Graphic Forms with company logos:
- Sales Order/Confirmations
- Picking Ticket
- Invoice
- Finished Goods Purchase Order
- Raw Material Purchase Order
- Cutting Order

2 – General Ledger posting of Raw Material Usage
- Automatically posts when material usage is entered.

3 – Direct Sale of Raw Material on Sales Order/Invoice directly from Raw Material file.
- Includes appropriate General Ledger postings automatically.

4 – Automatic Purchase Order generation for select items:
When entering Sales order – If Item should be purchased or Printed – automatically creates Purchase Order for Blank and Printing Order for the Embellishment.

5 – Direct Cutting Order creation:
Custom items automatically generate Cutting Order

6 – Scan packing:
Newly Designed Scan Pack system which includes:
- Tracking and revision numbers to guarantee paperwork documents integrity
- Ability to edit Sales Order and create Manifests and Invoices.
- This newly designed process makes it virtually impossible to double ship a sales order. The process even polices order changes AFTER the pick ticket is printed and in the warehouse.

7 – Approval System:
- Three separate systems, Cutting Order, Purchase Order, Sales Order.
- Documents are held in each system until approved by supervisory User.

8 – Cutting Order and purchase Order Planning:
- Both separate systems
- At User’s option, the system will automatically create either a Cutting Order or a Finished Goods Purchase Order from the Sales order file.

9 – Sales order Configurator:
- Has capability to accept custom sales order options and Usage at time of Order entry.

10 – Ability to use Finished Goods in a Bill of Materials (BOM):
- BOM for a Finished Goods can include raw Material and /or Finished products or saleable Subassemblies.

11 – Ability to seamlessly Import E-Commerce Orders.

12 – Button to simplify addition of Images to Finished Goods and Raw Material Inventory.

13 – Inventory Master Style File can show front/back/and embellished pictures of a Style.

Dashboards/Event Calendar

AS/AP announces Dashboards. This is a combination of different areas on one screen. For example, you may have Sales Orders of any date, Finished Goods PO schedule, intransit shipments from foreign sources, and critical path issues that are anchored with an event calendar.

The Event Calendar graphically displays key events of the month including color-coding for clarity and instant identification. It is based around AS/AP’s ability to track the time, date, user, batch number, and total value of all important company events. These events can then be plotted on a perpetual calendar where the user can compare details for all key events for any month, day, and year. This allows upper management an all-in-one glimpse at status.

AS/AP designed the Dashboards system so that it is easily customizable for individuals, groups of users, or specific circumstances.

Plan-IT (PDM – Product Data Management)

Integrated with AS/AP’s Visual Suite of portals, Plan-IT contains many of the most popular AS/AP features including material requirements planning (MRP), D-BOM, Cost & Spec Sheets, Contract Labor Routing, Preproduction Import Costing, Critical Path, Email Alert System (EAS), Production Control/Scheduling Management and many other features together in a totally integrated apparel system with Visual FoxPro or SQL back-ends. AS/AP’s graphical Plan-IT boards allow a company to increase on-time delivery, reduce order lead-times, and reduce excess costs such as airfreight charges, yet improve the use of available capacity. Plan-IT provides your company with effective and efficient Production Planning from start to finish.

Web-Accessible Support System

The AS/AP Web-Accessible Support System is an easy-to-use system that is based on our in-house Technical Support Logs, which allows clients to verify the status of their open issues.

E-mail Alert System [EAS]

We have developed a system that can be attached to any module in the AS/AP Apparel System that will send email notifications of exceptions. It is as simple as clicking on the ‘Email Notifications’ button in the system’s Company Master File and following some simple instructions. E-mail Alerts are automatically triggered by events identified by the user. These trigger points automatically warn individuals chosen in the alert system. For instance, the purchasing staff is informed that a purchase order will be late. As soon as the new date is posted in AS/AP the alert system will automatically generate e-mails informing the selected individuals.

This concept can be expanded into other areas of the AS/AP Apparel System, such as customer notification of amounts due or cutting orders past delivery date and so on. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Critical Path

AS/AP now offers a subsystem with the ability to track user designated stages of completion. For instance, a garment might require stages such as dying, washing, cutting, finishing, packing, and shipping. This new subsystem projects completion dates based on a requested start date. This subsystem is also fully compatible with our Gantt/Pert charting capability for true Visual planning. This subsystem can give your company the kind of cutting edge technology that is required in today’s fast paced world in order to stay ahead of the pack.

Import Costing & Pre-Production Setup

Designed for importers, these programs work together to allow the user to create new styles with no supporting detail and progressively ‘fill in the blanks’ as more detailed information becomes available. The user specifies packaging, construction, vendor, detailed 4-parallel sourcing costs for comparison, duties, variable currencies, as well as the ability to indicate whether the company, customer, or source provides each component. Once the import package is confirmed and the final cost is determined, the program can generate the style master record, purchase orders to the sourcing vendor and the customer’s sales orders. This system includes a number of forms for documenting and controlling the manufacturing requirements.

Warehouse Management System [WMS]

The WMS is similar to our Dye Lot/Roll by Roll Tracking. The finished goods are maintained in layers. These layers can be stored randomly anywhere in the warehouse that space is available and the computer tracks the location(s).

Config-IT (Order Configurator)

Config-IT gives users a competitive edge by enabling the addition and removal of options to a style during order entry. The user can configure a style’s components through a pop-up, user-defined options list, which creates a D-BOM (Dynamic Bill-of-Materials). The effective use of D-BOM can drastically reduce the number of SKUs the company may maintain.


ASAP is developing a graphical, state-of-the-art sourcing and production system encompassing more than 20 years of programming and development. This module, along with Plan-IT, (PDM/Planning Integration), Connected (CRM – Customer Relationship Management), and Config-IT (Sales Order Configurator) empowers the planner with true “Capable to Promise” (CTP) functionality. Now your AS/AP Plan-IT boards can provide much improved visibility, coordination, and communication in a “rapid change” environment.

And here are just a few more examples:

  • Visual AS/AP with Customizable Toolbars
  • New & Improved Visual Cash Receipts
  • New Direct Email and Faxing Capabilities
  • New FRx Report Interface
  • Enhanced Dynamic Bill-Of-Materials (D-BOM)

And much more to come!