AS/AP Hosted Solutions

Over the past 30 years computer technology has transformed from a competitive advantage to a survival necessity. The right software package can help streamline your business and bring your company to the next level. The wrong package can bring your operation to a halt. But even the best solution requires qualified staff to manage and maintain. The median expected salary for a typical Software Support Manager in the United States is $93,998.

Can you afford to purchase the right software and employ the right individual to manage it? Can you afford not to have the best solution for your business?

You no longer have to choose second best software or sacrifice quality management of your company’s vital data. AS/AP Total Care offers you the best available software with expert IT professionals at a price you can afford. You can now get the benefits of the full Visual AS/AP system, managed by trained AS/AP IT staff, and hosted on modern high performance hardware for a nominal monthly fee. AS/AP Total Care allows you the power and flexibility you need to grow as much as your ideas will allow.

Benefits of AS/AP Hosted & AS/AP Total Care:

  • Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site
  • Support for multiple operating platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Solaris
  • Access to your business software 24/7 and from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection
  • Software costs for the application are spread over a number of clients
  • Avoids the typical high capital investment required for a full-scale desktop software installation
  • Software maintenance managed by AS/AP trained staff with over 25 years experience
  • AS/AP Hosted Servers are kept up to date, available, and managed for performance by experts
  • Improve the reliability, availability, scalability and security to meet your growing needs
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Reduce internal IT costs to a predictable monthly fee
  • Redeploy IT staff and tools to focus on strategic technology projects that impact the enterprise’s bottom line
  • Ability to migrate from Hosted solution to in-house with minimal effort
  • Free Technical Support including:
    • Application of AS/AP system updates
    • Regular server maintenance
    • System Backup and Restoration
    • User setup and security management

AS/AP Hosted

AS/AP Hosted turns your purchased AS/AP System into an “on-demand” hosted solution better known today as SaaS – Software as a Service. The key difference in a hosted solution versus the traditional software packages (considered “on-premise” solutions) is that the equipment, network, and maintenance of the deployed AS/AP software is maintained by AS/AP staff at a designated data center. Clients access this system through the Internet anywhere in the world using terminal services and any compatible remote desktop client (Clients are available for all current Windows, Macintosh, and Unix operating systems), there is nothing installed at the client location.

AS/AP Total Care

AS/AP Total Care combines the power of AS/AP with the convenience of AS/AP Hosted into a single monthly subscription price. It’s Total Care for your business and peace of mind for you.

Monthly subscription includes:

  • AS/AP system updates & application of updates
  • Regular maintenance
  • System Backup and Restoration
  • User setup and security management
  • All Updates are Free
  • Training and Consultation (80 hours)
  • Technical Support
  • Hosting