The implementation that our experienced ASAP staff offers is designed to help ease the changeover process from your old system while at the same time understanding that your staff’s day to day jobs  have to continue as smoothly as possible.  Our staff will help build strategies and time lines for implementation.  Through tools such as project management (MSProject), reports and system conversion methods, we ensure that our technological expertise is put to work for you.

We offer consulting/engineering reviews of your company which are designed to further define procedures,  program analysis, and review, explain and relate different ways of handling features that can enhance your business processes.  The implementation of the system then includes the planning, scheduling, and tracking of the installation of your new AS/AP™ System. There are many issues involved in implementation, some of those are:

  • Review of Specifications & Procedures
  • Translate business requirements into software solutions
  • Program Analysis
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Data Conversion or Data Entry
  • Cutover to your new AS/AP™ System

Training on the AS/AP™ System is designed around you. It is geared toward what you and your staff will need and want to use.  We can deliver on-site, remote or customized training programs.

Every company is different and we can relate company experiences to you in order for you to gain a better understanding of the importance of training, consulting and follow-up. We built our reputation on providing the most flexible software available with the best support we can provide so we’re here for you, year after year to  provide whatever changes you need to provide what your customers demand from you.