Programming and consulting offers your company a broad range of management, engineering, and computer related projects that work alongside the AS/AP™ system.

There are a number of interfaces already available to the AS/AP™ system, including Excel®, MSProject®, UPS WorldShip®, and many more that can be custom engineered to work with your system. Find out more about the important new features and interfaces to AS/AP™ here.

Everything from creating custom forms and templates to translating various areas into other languages is encompassed in the programming and consulting side of ASAP.

Business Process Reviews (BPRs) are an excellent way of having us assist you with your software decision. This onsite review of your everyday business procedures is a way for us to see how you will best utilize the system and which areas are the most critical to you. This is the first step to having the system that is right for your company. Let Sales know that you’d like to have us out for a BPR today and the onsite time (excluding expenses) will be credited against the purchase price of the system!